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19th ŠPANCIRFEST – 18th to 27th August 2017

August 19, 2016 / Friday / 20:00

spancirfest 2017

The story of Špancirfest started eighteen years ago as the first street festival in Croatia, and today it is one of the best attended Croatian festival events. The idea is that Špancirfest provides events over a ten-day period to engender a sense of belonging to a community that fosters creative thinking and freedom of expression. The Festival brings together professional and amateur artists from around the world – from musicians of various genres to street theatre and multimedia performance – and Varaždin’s historic city core turns into an art workshop in which visitors and artists can participate. At Špancirfest visitors have a unique opportunity to experience a variety of artistic expressions and actively participate in some them with professionals from cultural and creative industries and, in turn, develop their knowledge and skill and expand their networks and business contacts.