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22nd ŠPANCIRFEST, 21st – 30th August 2020.

August 19, 2016 / Friday / 20:00


Over two decades, Špancirfest has grown into a cultural and tourist event, and has even been recognised as the top event in Croatia.  The idea of the ten days of Špancirfest was to offer such contents that sparked in each visitor a sense of belonging to a community that nurtures creative thinking and freedom of expression. Finding a common notion under which all programme events of Špancirfest would fall is far from simple. From street performances, comedies, kreativnica and the creativity park to a number of music programmes; from most renowned to less known street musicians and gastro&fun zones to presentations of traditional trades and crafts and contemporary product designs -these are all concepts way to narrow to encompass all that Špancirfest has in store for its visitors in the sophisticated ambiance of Varaždin’s historic core.